Mission & Vision

The Suriname Telecommunications Authority is the official body that facilitates the rapid development of affordable, high-quality telecom services for the Surinamese public. We provide a transparent, nondiscriminatory and legal regulatory framework that encourages innovative private sector participation and the adoption of information services.

In 2026, the TAS will have:

  • proactively and continuously created a responsive legal framework for reliable and accessible telecommunication;
  • initiated awareness regarding optimization of ICT applications, as well as an innovative approach with both the government and private individuals.

Core Values

  • Expertise
    “We are experts in our field and driven to continuously  learn new skills & knowledge.”
  • Integrity
    “We believe in not only putting words into action, but also in consciously choosing to do the right thing.”
  • Objectivity
    “We practice a neutral, unbiased point-of-view that must remain honest towards each stakeholder”
  • Innovation
    “We believe in using creative thinking and problem-solving, both internally and externally”
  • Passion
    “What we do, we do out of love for our field of work and profession”